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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Articles of Utmost Importance You Won’t Find Anywhere

The Following is an article by Dennis Rowley with Care Liberty.  It has some links to some very interesting information that I think you need to be aware of when you are making decision's about your family's Health Care.


Article by Dennis Rowley

May 24,20011

Yesterday in an email to my subscribers I wrote that everyday there is more support for the things I have been saying all along. The two stories you’ll read about and maybe read from my links both back up everything I’ve said from the beginning.

It’s no big surprise that you won’t find these two items of extreme importance out there anywhere. The pipeline that feeds us health care information squeezes off this kind of news while it clogs the conduit with blather and nonsense that feeds the health care delivery system. The reason of course is the health care delivery system feeds the pipeline.
I want to start out with one story you very likely might see. This one story that did somehow leak through today from PJTV that the flawed study that the President used to propel us into ObamaCare was flawed and inferior. It would not pass a peer review and some of the data was simply made up. In a speech before the American Medical Association in June of 2009 the President cited this study that supposedly crystallized the support of the AMA. Even the folks at PJTV didn’t get the fact that the AMA was behind the law from the beginning. Again I’m not surprised in the least.

Another is a story I found on Dr. Mercola’s site. It talks about the corruption in one of the health care delivery system’s sacred cows, the American Cancer Society. If you have read anything I’ve written for any period of time you’ll know that one of the oxes I gore on a regular basis is what I call Big Disease. Big disease is just as much a part of the health care delivery system as are the drug companies and the health insurance companies and of course the AMA. They, just like every other party in the system makes money – lots of money – from treatment and keeping people sick. Think of it this way. If a cure for cancer was actually accepted the American Cancer Society ceases to exist because their funding dries up. This is an interesting article.

and the last little bit of information comes from Dr Mercola as well.  It seems that Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Jared Polis have sponsored a bill to allow food and supplement companies to talk about the benefits of their products.
Did you know, for example that;   Cherries can ease your symptoms of arthritis

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