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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What Artificial Controls Do To Health Care Costs

At Boston's Massachusetts General hospital a patient's insurance pays twice as much for a C-section as it does for the same procedure in another part of the state. The same is true for heart attacks and many other procedures. This is in a state, MA, where everything EVERYTHING in health care is supposedly tightly controlled by the state. Why the difference? Is the care better? Is the equipment better? What is better at Mass Gen than at these other hospitals? I smell a political rat!
The numbers listed above come from this study. And before anyone screams out the mating call of the American politician - “There oughtta be a law!” you should understand that the overabundance of laws are the problem. There is a law that controls all prices in the free market. It's called the law of supply and demand. The thing that has been missing in American health care for many, many years is the free market – the law of supply and demand. The free market was removed from health care in the mid 1950s, at the time when the majority of Americans quit paying for their own health care and allowing employers and insurance companies to take over the task. When insurance companies write the check and they either own or control 90% of the doctors and hospitals they can pretty much name their price.

There goes the free market.

But more importantly there goes your control.

Doctors don't post or advertise their prices for two reasons; 1. Many believe they can't because of laws. 2. Many have no idea what a procedure costs or should go for. All doctors know is what they put on their chart. Then they turn that chart over to their billing department or business office who turns it into a code that the insurance company tells them what to bill and than pays them a small percentage of what they bill.
Nothing in that entire paragraph spells free market.

If a doctor doesn't know what it costs to do a throat culture how are we supposed to know? If we don't know what that procedure costs at a doctor's office in Boston or Springfield how can we choose a doctor that we believe is right for us? How do we know what we're getting?

The answers are we can't and don't. Nothing in that entire paragraph spells free market.
So the answer we have relied upon for years come from the insurance companies. The same entities that take our money and turn it into theirs and then spend it how they wish. The very same companies that for years have relied on rate increases not the free market to grow their companies. The very companies that by law have to make at least 20% profit on every claim they pay. The very same entities that wrote ObamaCare.

Nothing in that entire paragraph spells free market.
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