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Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Article by Dennis Rowley

A Math-Health Care Story Problem

I know. I know. I hated story problems in school too. I hated them with a passion. But this one is different, trust me! This is one that once you get to the end should make sense and be easy to understand and answer.
Here Goes!
One train leaves the station every day at the same time. Let's call this train ObamaCare. Train ObamaCare is expensive. It has already raised the rates between 30 and 50% in a little over a year. More rate increases are promised soon as well. ObamaCare rations the treatments that people on the train get. It promises free care but with expensive premiums and higher taxes already in effect how can it be free? The worst part however is that Train ObamaCare is controlled by massive government agencies, departments and programs. Effective one-on-one treatment is eliminated and doctors who ride the ObamaCare train who don't follow the rules can be fined and even jailed! Treatments for people who ride Trian ObamaCare actually come from a government panel appointed by the President – not from the doctor. Oh and one more thing – train Obamacare is slow. Sometimes treatments for people who ride train ObamaCare can be delayed for months.
Another train leaves the station at the same time. We'll call this Train ObamaCare Waiver. This train is less expensive. In many case it will save passengers as much as 90% every month! No rates increases are projected. The treatments people who ride the Waiver train get are not rationed and are delivered personally by the doctor you choose. There is no government control on The ObamaCare Waiver Train. There are no long lines and treatment is immediate.
No government panels. No long waits. Less expensive. Better treatment. Gee it seems like this train is a better deal.
But there is one catch. You have to get off the ObamaCare Train. You have to actually get up off the ObamaCare Train and move over to the ObamaCare Waiver Train. Doesn't sound that hard and it isn't. The only thing you need to do is follow a few simple directions. Get your directions here.
The question is with Train ObamaCare being more expensive, harder to navigate and delivering substandard care, why haven't you moved to the OabamCare Waiver Train?

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