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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why we Represent the Direct Concepts Healthcare Program

 Here are some of the reasons we are so excited about representing Direct Concepts Healthcare.  You will see with each new post how this program can save you money on your family's healthcare cost, at an affordable cost.  If you would like more information about the program, please fill out the form on the right and we will be glad to call you and discuss your wants and needs.  I will be adding posts on a regular basis, so please come back often.
Many Americans cannot get the health care they need at a price they can afford. Physicians are often frustrated with the restrictions put on them by insurance companies, preventing them from practicing quality medicine.  Many individuals find they are unable to afford full health insurance for their families and make the tough decision to go without the health care they need due to outrageous costs.

Many families do not have the option of even trying to find an affordable insurance policy because of their poor health. They know that their pre-existing conditions will exclude them from most insurance companies, even with the new health care bill. Only children are safe from insurance denial and a government program is still years away, if ever.

We answer these concerns with an award winning DMPO non-insurance alternative that allows individuals to receive substantial savings on quality healthcare at an affordable price, while allowing the provider to be paid immediately instead of waiting months to be paid as it is with many insurance companies.

Direct Concepts Healthcare provides access to a great alternative to traditional health insurance that has helped to save members thousands of dollars on medical expenses and more. It will also work to save you money if you have a Health Care Insurance Policy.  You can use it to help pay your deductible down.

Below is one example of how this program can save you on your health care costs.

Example: Office Visit, Big Insurance
$750 per month
$100 cash office visit
$50 PPO rate for insurance co
Patient pays $25 co-pay   Insurance pays $25
Doctor gets the $50 PPO rate not the $100 cash charge
Patient total out of pocket that month for 1 office visit
$750 + $25 = $775
National Average Insurance per year $9000

Example: Office Visit, Renco Direct
$88 per month
$100 office visit
$50 PPO rate
Patient pays $50 PPO rate to doctor not the $100 cash charge
Patient total out of pocket that month for 1 office visit
$88 + $50 = $138
 Renco Direct Membership per year $1056

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