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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who and What is JE Health Care Solutions

My name is Andy Edley and my wife's name is Jo Anne.  We are just regular folks who found ourselves, like so many other Americans, without jobs or health care insurance.

Jo Anne got laid off due to downsizing at the company she worked for.  She has worked as a bookkeeper for over 20 years.  The job market was dead and no one was hiring.  After almost 2 years of looking and applying for a position in her field, she decided to take the courses and get her Life and Health Insurance License here in Tennessee.  I got laid off from my job due to the company closing.  These were hard times for us but we kept looking for jobs.  We also had to find health care that we could afford. 

After Jo Anne got her license, we begin looking for ways to build her business as an Independent Agent. While doing this, we came across a company named Renco Direct.  It is an alternative health care program.  It is not insurance but an affordable alternative. This program allowed us to not only to have affordable health care but also a way to build a business.  I hope this blog will help people who find themselves in the same position that we were in.

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