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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You Taking a High Cost Prescriptions

JE Health Care Solutions may have an answer to helping to reduce the cost of your prescriptions, through the Renco Rx aid program you could be paying $20 a month per Rx. This program is based on family income, If you make less than $21,000 to $88,000 per year you could qualify!

Renco Rx Aid Program offers you access to mail order name brand prescription programs offered by major pharmaceutical companies which disburse prescription drugs in the United States. In essence, these programs offer free brand name drugs to people who cannot afford their ongoing prescriptions. Each program has its own set of policies and guidelines in order to qualify for assistance with prescription drugs, i.e. Merck and Pfizer each have separate distinct plans. Each pharmaceutical company has different procedures for acceptance.  It is extremely difficult for the average American citizen to complete the required paperwork with a high degree of accuracy. Because of the 'paperwork hassle,' many American citizens fail to qualify for the medication. That is where Renco Rx Aid comes in!

Renco Rx Aid has a very knowledgeable staff that understands each pharmaceutical company's guidelines and knows how to work with the patient, the doctor, and the pharmaceutical company. We use a sophisticated software program that helps ensure each client is properly registered in the prescription assistance programs to receive their medications from the pharmaceutical companies. At Renco Rx Aid the service of helping American citizens obtain prescription medication is our top priority. Whether you are a big corporation, small business or an individual Renco Rx Aid is here to help you and we do it for just $20 per month per prescription! 

At Renco Rx Aid we act as the Registration Counselors on your behalf. We check with the appropriate manufacturer for availability and requirements.  We complete the paperwork, work with each patient to verify prescription(s) information, we send the paperwork to the manufacturers, we track the paperwork and resolve any problems should they arise, including denials. In short we manage and handle the entire refill order process for each one of your ongoing prescriptions. 

  • We provide you with FDA approved Brand name prescription medications for a $20.00 per prescription per month service fee.
  • No Age Limits. (depending on medication) This is not an insurance product.
  • Complete and submit all paperwork directly with each pharmaceutical company.
  • Postage paid envelopes provided for each patient and doctor to return requested information.
  • Adding medication or changing dosages is as simple as giving us a call.
  • Manage the process of refilling your medications.
  • Manage the annual re-qualifications requirements for you.

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