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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Options are there to Meet Your Health Care Needs

In part 3 of this series I want to give you some options you can use to control your healthcare and the cost.

Pay cash for your regular doctor office visits
 Find a program that lets you pay cash for your doctor visits at an affordable price. That is where Renco Direct comes in. With this program you become a member of Renco and this will allow you to pay the discount PPO rate that the insurance companies have been using for over 50 years. This works both for you and your Doctor. You pay the discount PPO allowable at the time of your visit and the Doctor does not have to file a insurance claim and wait for his money. This is a win - win situation for both you and your doctor. Also medical decisions are based on your medical needs and not what an outside agency be it government or insurance company decides is best for you or your family. Because this program is a non insurance plan no one is turned down due to pre-existing conditions, and no one is going to deny or delay your treatment. Since you are not filing insurance claims your medical care is you and your doctor's business and nobody else.
 The Renco Direct plan also concludes many more savings programs, such as Prescription discounts, Vision, Dental, Consult a Doctor, Chiropractic Care, and much more.

Combine Programs
The Renco Direct program works well if you have existing healthcare insurance policy that you like and want to keep, if you could get your rate lower. By increasing your deductible to say $7500 or even $10,000 which will reduce your cost, and using Renco for your regular office visits and having the health insurance policy to take care of the major problems.  Remember your policy most likely has an 80/20 split once your deductible has been met. 
With the Renco program after your insurance company has paid what they are going to pay you would get a final bill from the hospital.  You would then send that to Renco and they will negotiate with the hospital and get you the discount on the balance. 

Remember the main thing is to get quality health care that you and your doctor decide is best for you, and not have an insurance company or the government making the decision for you.  
Combining The Renco Direct program with an accident policy such as NACD offers that can give you up to $10,000 for each covered accident.  This is an open enrollment  program, which means every body can get this program even with pre-conditions.  Another option is to pick up a policy such as Aflac which pays cash to you.  These programs work quite well with Renco Direct.

Option 4
Another option is to add a Critical Care policy to your Renco Direct program.  This covers the big Illness, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.  Taking this approach, you are prepared for the big problems while handling the small problems yourself and cutting your healthcare coverage cost without giving up control. 

You can use any one of these options or combination of them to achieve both control of your healthcare as well as the cost.  

As a business owner who wants to give their employees benefits but can’t afford the high cost of healthcare insurance these same options will work.  You can also set-up a HRA program that you can use to help with your tax situation.
For more detailed information on these programs or others please contact us at jehealthcaresolutions@gmail or on our web site http://jehealthcaresolutions.com or you can call 865-357-3379.

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