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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Drug Companies New Profit Weapon (Re-post of article by Dr. Mercola)

I started this blog to inform and educate about the crisis that our health care delivery system is in.  Please understand that I am not saying business should not make a profit, because that is what business is suppose to do so they can create jobs.  What I do have a problem with,  is companies doing in my opinon unethical or at the very leased highly questionable practices that endanger people's lives.  The following article by Dr. Mercola : The Drug Companies' Newest Profit Weapon to Steal Your Money is a major case in point.  As I pointed out in my e-book Health Care Delivery System in America Has Failed (Download your free copy here) The Drug Industry takes a big part of your healthcare dollars.  I think this article makes a strong case for taking back control or your and your family's healthcare.  This is what we at AJ Health Care Solutions is here to help you do, with our Renco Direct and NACD and other programs we can help you take back control.

When you think about all the adds on TV, Newspapers, and every where else for the next wonder drug that is suppose to take care of this or that medical problem remember they are not saying that it is a cure, because it only treats the sympoms.  There is no money to be made if it will cure the illness.  When is the last time you have heard your doctor talk about a cure?  Just think who controls the FDA, how many people that are in lead positions in the FDA come from or go to work for the drug companies. 

If we as healthcare consumers don't start questioning these things and become educated about the healthcare system we will never get back control of our healthcare, nor will cost be brought under controlThe information is out there, you just need to start doing your own research and find it.  This is one of the great advantages we have with the internet today.  

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