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Monday, November 21, 2011

JE Health Care Solutions Announces it's Association With NADC

We at JE Health Care Solutions or proud to announce our association with National Association of Consumers Direct.  NACD gives us low cost healthcare options to our clients.

Featuring Consult A Doctor
·                                                Emergency Notification Service
·                                                24/7 Medical Consultations by Phone or Email - $38 consultation fee is waived!
·                                                Consumer Savings Program
·                                                Only $4.95 per month
Featuring Accident Medical Expense Benefits
·                                                Up to $10,000 of accident medical expense benefits for you and your family
·                                                Up to $50,000 of AD&D
·                                                Health and Fitness Resource
·                                                Starting at only $20.00 per month!
Featuring Critical Illness Benefits
·                                                Critical Illness lump sum benefit of up to $25,000 for you and your spouse
·                                                Sign and Drive Roadside Assistance program for you and your family
·                                                Starting at only $25.00 per month!  (Not available in all States)

Featuring Vision & Dental Options
·                                                $10 copay for eye exams!
·                                                $130 allowance for contacts or frames!
·                                                NACD's Nurse Hotline included
·                                                Dental Indemnity option available
·                                                Starting at only $11.00 per month!

For more details about these programs just click on the NACD banner on the right hand side.
Once again let we state how proud we are to be able to offer this program to our clients.

By combining the Renco Direct program with NACD we can offer great health care programs at an affordable cost for you and your family.

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