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Friday, June 3, 2011

Small Business Being Buried Alive by Health Care Cost

I wrote a blog post yesterday about the Kaiser Foundation report of 2010 Employer Health Benefits, health care cost to business's both small and large.  My post today is mainly to the small business owner's out there are the self employed, who are now having to decide if they can continue to provide health Care insurance plans for there employee's or their own family's.

The answer is YES you can by making the right choices.  As I quoted from the Kaiser report health insurance cost have risen by 114% since 2000 and are predicated to continue to rise.  Why is this happening, at such a high rate?  Obamacare!!! is the biggest reason, but cost have been going up at a much faster rate than inflation for several years.  With the new  rules and mandates with Obamacare upon us now the rates will just get higher.  I know that I am not telling you anything new but you need to think about it now.

There is a solution to this problem.  You must take control of your health care and quite letting the insurance companies and the government control it for you.  There is a company called Direct Concepts Healthcare that is a  free market answer to this growing problem.

JE Health Care Solutions is an independent rep. for Direct Concepts Healthcare and we will be glad to talk with you to discuss anyway that we can help you and your employee's to get quality health care they and you deserve at a very affordable rate.  This program is designed to take the insurance companies and the government out from between you and your Doctor, so you are in control of your health care.

I am very excited to be able to offer you this program because it has been a life saver to wife and I.  For further information just click on the contact us button on the right hand side to your screen and enter your information and we will get back with you ASAP.

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