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Monday, June 13, 2011

New Article by: Dennis Rowley

The Health Care Delivery System Admits To The Poisoning Of Millions Of Americans

If anyone reading this still believes that the health care delivery system is a good thing, consider the fact that the drug companies – a charter member of the health care delivery system – makes money from illness, not from getting you well. There is no money – AND I MEAN ZERO CASH – to be made in the current health care delivery system from curing Americans. Cures are nonexistent. In fact, a medical professional who uses the word “cure” in referring to a patient's disease or disorder can be fined, lose their license, or even be imprisoned for doing so.

Why? The reason is simple. There is far too much money to be made from “treatment.”
The AMA – the self-ordained health care watchdog - makes money every time you go to the doctor or pharmacy.

The health insurance companies do the same.

And the drug companies make buckets of money by keeping Americans sick. If it were not true, then there would be no need to hide behind the FDA and to penalize supplement companies for using nutritional therapies. Nutritional therapies, as a rule, carry no side effects. On the other hand, the average prescription has at least 70 published side effects. That is a verifiable fact! The health care delivery system has agreed to publish the poisonous facts and hand it out with every bottle of pills they push on you. Yet no one seems to notice! Or care!

The health care delivery system is corrupt. The financial incentives to get and keep people healthy don't exist. The health insurance companies, the drug companies, the tort attorneys, the AMA and the government all bill and collect hundreds of billions – trillions – from illness.

If there was a true financial incentive to keep people healthy that would be big business.
But cure is not big business not - treatments are - $2.3 trillion big!

Trusting the health care delivery system with your health is a lot like trusting Michael Vick to sit your dog.

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