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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is the High Cost of Health Care Insurance Killing your Budget Part 3

Today I want to try and explain how the Drug companies are helping in  controlling your health care.  Have you noticed all the commercials on TV and ever where else about this or that new wonder drug.  So people self diagnose themselves and go to their doctor and want a prescription for this wonder drug that is going to cure what ever.  The problem is they don’t cure the problem they treat the symptoms  an cause new problems.  Half of these commercials are used to explain all the side effects they may cause.  Did you know for a new drug to get FDA approval it must be toxic to the body? 

So when you go to the doctor for your new wonder drug guess who makes money?  It is now you!  The cycle starts all over again the doctor files an insurance claim the drug store files a claim and the insurance company makes more money off of you.  Remember for every dollar you pay for health care insurance you get 25 cents worth of service and the insurance companies and drug companies and others get a part of the other 75 cents.

Have you noticed no one talks about curing a problem?  All we here is lets treat the problem with this drug or that drug.  Drug companies send billions of dollars pushing their drugs to doctors and the public.  When you are at your doctors office how many drug companies reps. Are there waiting for their turn to show the doctors the latest and greatest drug out.  This process starts while the doctors are still in medical school and this is how they are taught, this is how the system is suppose to work.  There is no profit in curing someone only in treatment. 

After the billions that the American Tax payer has poured into this research group or that research group you would think they could come up with a CURE for something.  Don’t get me wrong we need to do research, but should we not whole someone responsible to produce something that is a CURE, not just another treatment that cost some outrages amount of money.  Have you noticed doctors always say we can treat this with this drug or this drug but never say we can cure the problem.  CURE is the dirty four letter word to the health care delivery system.

All of this information is out there you just have to take the time to find it.  A good place to start is Care Liberty and I strongly urge you to get educated on what is really going on with our health care system.   Both for yourself and your family’s health.

Here at JE Health Care Solutions we are ready to help you understand the health care delivery system and out to get out of it.  Just contact us at our web site or call 865-357-3379 for more answers.

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