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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is the High Cost of Health Care Insurance Killing your Budget Part 2

Yesterday I told you what happens when you go to the doctor’s office and use traditional health care insurance.   Today we are going to talk about why the system works this way.  First of all you need to understand who controls the health care industry. 

1.     Insurance companies
2.     Drug Companies
3.     AMA
4.     Government

For over 50 years the insurance companies have been working to control your health care by convincing us that you have to have health care insurance.  They have done this by working with unions, Governments (Local, State and Federal) and thru commercials on radio and TV.  By convincing us that a “third party payer system” well offer the people the best health care possible at the lowest cost.   Well we know now that this is not true.  What has happen is we now have a health care delivery system controlled by the insurance companies and others and no control by the patient or the doctor.  I am sure you have noticed how people from other countries come to the US for medical treatment at least those that can afford it, because they can get the best treatment in the world here.  The difference is they pay cash for their treatment.  So when some political figure says our health care is not good here in America they are lying to you, because we have the best medical care available in the world.   What is not working is the health care delivery system we have.   Our health care should never be controlled by anyone but ourselves and our doctor’s. 

So how do we change this?
Start by taking responsibility for your health care.  When you go to the doctor pay cash for your visit.  I will explain how soon.  Quite going to the doctor every time you have a cold are such minor ailments, and justify it by saying all I have to pay is a $25 co-pay.  You are forgetting you are also paying $700 a month for the privilege of having that $25 co-pay.    

Remember by making this change you are now buying direct which is how we buy everything else.  You don’t buy car insurance to cover gas, oil changes, tires or minor repairs so why should you do anything different with Health Insurance.   If you want to know how to buy your Health care directly CLICK HERE.  By having Direct Concepts Healthcare you are now out of the health care delivery system and can now afford to pay cash when you do go to the Doctor.  Plus have control of your health care instead of the insurance companies.

Be watching for part 3 tomorrow that will continue your education on Health Care in America.  In the mean time remember:

 Take Control Of Your Health Care starting TODAY!

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