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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In my last blog I quoted from an article by Dennis Rowley.  I thought I would tell you a little about Dennis, and why I chose to put this article on my blog. I will be putting more of his articles on my blog in the coming days so stay tuned. Dennis has spent many years studying our health care delivery system and is now using that knowledge to educate the every day person.  He has found some shocking information about the system we live under here in the United States.  Don't get me wrong he is not pushing for a government run system, but teaching people how to take control of their Health Care. I am going to help Dennis spread the Knowledge and put you and your Doctor in charge of your health care, which is the way it should be.  Check out Dennis blog for more great articles.

Here is Dennis’s Story as told by him:

My story: "Nancy Merrick Rowley died September 14, 1988. The death certificate read cancer, but I found out a few years after her death that she was one of the millions who have died from a health care delivery system that rations health care.

As I stood in the elevator that day, dumbstruck, after hearing that news, I wondered what my options could be. As I saw it then and as I see it now I had three options;

1. Do nothing, let it drop and move on.

2. Sue one or more of her doctors.
3. Learn as much as I could to see that such a barbaric practice is stopped.

After my years of studying the system, it is apparent to me that I chose the only option that would not continue to contribute to a system that is broken beyond repair. The problem with this system is that it was set up under faulty logic, continues to operate in that same sphere and has continued to grow in its dysfunction. A system that is set up under the guise of redistribution will continue to swell until it threatens to capsize our entire country from its sheer top-heaviness."

Dennis Rowley is President and CEO of Care Liberty (www.careliberty or my blog www.careliberty.wordpress.com)

a company proudly operating in the free market and devoted to cleaning up the country's health care system one individual - one doctor at a time.

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